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Advantage Surveillance is a full-service investigation agency focusing solely on the Insurance Industry. We provide customized solutions on a nationwide basis, tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Our unmatched commitment to quality provides our clients with superior results.
At Advantage we use superior, state-of-the-art video surveillance technology designed specifically for the Insurance Industry. Our highly skilled investigators are trained on powerful, high-zoom capability cameras to make positive ID from far away.


We offer one and two-person surveillance options, as well as half-day and full-day surveillance. Included with every new assignment is a complimentary “Pre-Surveillance Report.” Our experts utilize social networking sites, internet search engines and a multitude of internet resources to obtain current information crucial to working each case.

USP (Unmanned Surveillance Platform)

Utilizing proprietary unmanned surveillance units built in-house, our USP allows for around-the-clock activity monitoring on an extended multi-day basis. More economical than traditional surveillance, this is yet another tool that supplements our overall commitment to obtaining the highest quality field level results.

Activity Checks

A precursor to surveillance, an Activity Check can uncover information pertaining to a claimant’s known physical activities at distinct periods of time, determining when surveillance will be most successful.

Alive and Wellness Checks

A tool designed to ensure that claimants and / or widows are receiving benefits, as well as noting any changes in medical condition. Our field investigators are professional and courteous and represent our clients with an emphasis on integrity.

Background Checks

Reports may consist of criminal history records, civil records history, previous address histories, vehicle information, relatives, businesses and other assets. The comprehensive outreach of our full-time field investigators also allows for in person civil and criminal record retrieval at courthouses, if needed.

Medical and Lifestyle Canvassing

Our team of full-time desktop researchers are trained and proficient in performing various types of canvasses to include hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to uncover information pertaining to previous claims or preexisting injuries. Additionally, we perform canvasses revealing information on a claimant’s lifestyle to include gym / health clubs, sports leagues, and other social clubs.

NetSweep Online Activity / Social Media Reports

A comprehensive research report designed to maximize client savings by locating and analyzing an individual’s entire online footprint. Our team of experts meticulously generates each NetSweep Report to include Social Network Searches, Comprehensive Database Searches, Address & Telephone Verifications, Motor Vehicle Information and Geographic Data.

Onsite Investigation (SIU)

Our investigators can obtain photographs of the scene of an accident/ injury and obtain recorded statements from witnesses and the claimant (if possible.)

Litigation Research Department

We have developed an entire Department offering Litigation Support Services, with a commitment to provide the highest quality research tools available to assist the litigation defense industry. Our team of full-time dedicated researchers tailor our NetSweep reports to uncover any and all information available for public consumption on an individual. This includes social media; civil and criminal histories; and links to account data which are permanently captured in easy to read reports. This information can prove invaluable in the strategic planning of defense on a litigated manner

Our Litigation Research Department also offers Jury Research and can handle projects wide-ranging in scale (up to several thousand individuals). Pricing is on a per person basis and includes marital status, voter registration, civil and criminal histories, and links to social media accounts. Our research can be tailored to the needs of our clients within the insurance and litigation defense industry.