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An Update from Advantage Surveillance on COVID-19

The entire team at Advantage Surveillance remains concerned for the safety and well-being of our Team Members and their Families

The last few weeks have introduced us all to a period of unprecedented uncertainty. The entire team at Advantage Surveillance remains concerned for the safety and well-being of our Team Members and their Families, our Clients / Customers, and the Industry Friends we’ve made over the last 21 years.

Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been impacted by COVID-19 and those additional individuals that will undoubtedly be affected in the near future. We will be carefully monitoring the evolving situation moving forward and will be vigilant in doing what is best for all involved.

We are grateful for the trust that you’ve put into us and wish to share more information as it pertains to what we are doing to secure our business and, in turn, offer you peace of mind.

  • Safety of our Team Members: At this time, none of our Team Members have been directly affected by the virus. We will aggressively monitor this and ensure none of our employees are put in any situations exposing them to harm.
  • Office Staff Continuity: Our office and managerial staff members continue to operate at full capacity. Most office personnel are working from a remote, safe environment. For those employees still working within company facilities, we are taking extra measures to keep those offices clean and sanitized. There will be no disruption in communication with our Clients or our Team Members. Our online assignment portal and case intake system remains fully functional and secure.
  • Surveillance Operations Continuity: Our field investigators continue to operate at full capacity in all areas within our 30 state coverage area (excluding current government restricted areas). Each and every Advantage Surveillance Field Investigator operates out of a company-owned surveillance vehicle. We have taken every measure possible to ensure that there will be no business interruption in the ability for field personnel to carry out their assigned cases. Outside of government issued restrictions in specific geographical areas, there are currently no company issued travel restrictions in place for Field Personnel.
  • Overall Commitment to Clients: Advantage has been extremely proactive in our handling of this situation. We feel extremely well-prepared to weather this storm and be here for our Clients, as you need us. We are committed to handling all of your needs with as little disruption as possible.
  • Continued Updates: We will keep open lines of communications with our Team Members, Clients/Customers, and other involved parties. Please know that we are here in this time of need to do whatever we can to be a Partner on whom you can lean.

We want to assure you that our business will continue as normal with little impact during this time; collectively, we will all persevere through this by leaning on each other for support and respecting the well-being of one another. Stay safe, be healthy, and take care of those around you.

This too shall pass…


The Advantage Surveillance Team
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